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What We’re About

Rocket Tower News was founded by Smogon’s 6A9 Ace Matador & BKC. We aim to provide regular coverage of Pokémon news, including but not limited to Nintendo and online simulator hosted tournaments. Here at RTN we believe that Pokémon is a mind sport, with a rabbit hole of knowledge and ideas that lays largely unexplored. The best way to assimilate the competitive subtleties of Pokémon lie in listening to the advice of our podcast contributors and reading through our expert analysis.

RTN features a variety of guest writers from a variety of competitive backgrounds. We encourage you to drop our writers at RocketTower questions which we will endeavour to answer. RTN hopes to create a stage by stage lesson plan within the coming year to help new battlers get on their feet in just about any generation. To do this, we rely on our expert writers and contributors who have proven themselves to be both strong battlers and knowledgable players.

Our website also features high quality, trust worthy reviews of Nintendo products and games.We work in contribution with the Amazon affiliate program, so if you like any of the products we review enough to purchase it then please to do so through the links we provide.

Writers Biographies:

6A9 Ace Matador/am:

Achieving fame during early DPP for his expertise in the UU and Uber metagames, AM gradually went on to master OU, and has been a strong competitor in tournaments BW and below. His most notable accomplishments include multiple tour finals, and the defeat of the proclaimed ‘King of Games’ Earthworm across 5 generations in the Smogon Bo5 OU Tournament finals.


BKC is considered a top battler ADV, DPP and BW, although his tournament accomplishments extent to ORAS and GSC. He also has a fondness for RBY and made the finals of the 2016 RBY World Championship. His aims are to continue to become a stronger battler. BKC is only 21 and writes and televises from Prague, where he lives.

“When I’m not being a hard-working student, which is often, I mainly enjoy all sorts of music (listening and playing), as well as movies/shows, the occasional sport, generally having a good time and of course las chicas.”


this player is a shadow,hiding in darkness.there is not much information about this guy,except that it is a boy.


zoMOG has been playing for 5 years competitively, and is an active participant in the Smogon tournament scene. In OST11 he made it into the top 16 before losing to the eventual winner. Recently he has achieved a strong showing in SPL and last years world cup of Pokémon where he played for US West. zomOG is keenly enthusiastic about all aspects of the game and loves creating instructive content. His strongest talents lie in his creative team building and in game focus. He hopes to translate these strengths into a trophy win in the near future.