The Callous Invitational – An ADV Tournament with a $500 Prize Pot!

The CALLOUS Invitational (ADV)

Tournament Prize

A Little About the  Tournament:

The 3rd generation (also referred to as ADV / RSE) tournament is hosted on Pokémon Perfect forums, a competitive community with a large user base for older Pokémon generations. The invitational tournament is designed to keep the Pokémon players on the ball. The tournament opts for a best of 3, double elimination format to allow for a loser to challenge the winner in the finals which are bo5. It is an advanced (3rd) generation tournament and as such bp+ingrain pass, BP+BD pass, and evasion boosting items are banned. The standard clauses are observed.


Who’s the Host, and How do I get a Slice of That Pot?

CALLOUS is an ADV battler who hosts his own youtube channel full of Pokémon analysis and narration. He is a prominent ADV battler and enthusiast who has achieved notable victories such as in the 2012 POCL team tournament where he went undefeated.

Unfortunately the tournament is an invitational. It cannot be applied for, and so it is thus down entirely to the host and his aids whether or not you will receive an invite. On the bright side, the tournament looks to be full of high octane games of great entertainment value which can be enjoyed by all.


Related: Callous’ Youtube Channel covers many of the games, visit it here.


TreinerOrenge vs Astamatitos (TreinerOrenge is JabbaTheGriffin)
VIL vs Eden’s Embrace (Eden’s Embrace is Sunny)
Blightbringer vs ace matador
thelinearcurve vs reyscarface
Cowboy Dan vs ToF
Ugly Duckling vs Ibidem
M Dragon vs Fear
SoulWind vs Colchonero


sky chord vs undisputed (sky chord is Tamahome)
Bomber vs autumn leaves (autumn leaves is BKC)
dragonuser vs Lady Schala (Lady Schala is We Three Kings)
Mael vs Fakes
Ace Matador’s Comments:
Shocked at some of the results, notably Earthworm’s loss over 3 games vs Coffe. A game 1 critical hit on Jirachi spoiled his chances and the next two games were close. Other notable dark horse wins include undisputed’s, and Bomber’s. Teams in this tournament have so far been high tier Pokémon, on defensively orientated builds. A few surprises scattered around such as a Camerupt from Tamahome are going to prove pivotal in many upcoming series to take advantage of the imperfect defensive cover which defensive builds often settle with.
More updates from the invitational coming soon…

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